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New Year, New Car Guy!

Happy new year everyone...

What a fantastic year we had last year, we launched, we grew, we found our calling in creating car enthusiast clothing.

We want to again thank all those who supported us last year and wish you all the best, we hope you join us again this year as we re-create the Car Guy Clothing brand and launch new products, new lines and even a new process for our orders.

New Products

Coming near the end of January, we are launching a range of caps. Now you’ll be able to enjoy some of our favourite designs on caps as well as our branded embroidered caps... join the club and keep and an eye out!

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Also we will be launching a few sweaters to help through the cold months before we head into the spring/summer collection ready for car show season.


We’ve had some feedback from customers, fans and business associates. The main problem we saw was that our local customers were waiting too long for their items.
We’ve been working hard on going through our process and trying to work out the best way for our customers to receive the best possible service.

So we will be moving from standard free shipping to a courier service for our U.K. customers.

This will be slightly different to our current pricing system as we regulate the cost for all items and allow our customers to get a clear and precise delivery schedule.

We realise that the only way for us to progress forward as a brand is to constantly evolve. So we will keep up to date with you through our blog... and in the near future we hope to see you all at a few car shows.

Wishing you all the best for 2019 and remember keep on modding!

Car Guy Clothing