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Great New Product!

We have some big news for you all this weekend...

A great new product is on its way!

After being in talks with a new supplier and manufacturing team we’ve sourced a whole new range of t shirts.

This means we can bring you better collaboration, better quality and a more durable item of clothing.

When we first started Car Guy Clothing, we wanted to make a sleek, simple clothing line that was cheap and cheerful... However we wasn’t enjoying our clothing as much as we liked and wanted more.

Thanks to our fans, followers and customers we have achieved the goal we set for ourselves in phase 1 of our journey. Now we look forward to rolling our phase 2 of our car enthusiast clothing apparel brand... Or for those true “car guys” think of this as Car Guy Clothing MK2. 

Look out for the new and improved t shirts on our models and friends, Keep an eye out for new designs coming soon and make sure you get yours now ready for Christmas. 

Happy shopping and keep on modding!

Azza T - The Car Guy